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Perceptual Evaluation of Audio Quality (PEAQ)

In a joint cooperation under the leadership of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a group of leading sound quality experts have developed a new measure for sound quality: PEAQ. In 1999, PEAQ has been defined as the new ITU-R recommendation BS.1387, thus providing an advanced quality metrics to the world wide audio industry.  

About www.peaq.org

www.peaq.org is a new service brought to you under the mission to spread the world's new standard measure for sound quality. www.peaq.org will comprise detailed information on PEAQ, its implementations and applications. This service is provided by OPTICOM, Germany.

OPTICOM - 'Quality is our business': Being a pioneer of perceptual quality measurement, OPTICOM has been providing the latest achievements of standards based quality measurement solutions for voice and wide-band audio, since 1995. Just to mention NMR, PAQM and PSQM (ITU-T P.861) as the important ones. Besides PEAQ, OPTICOM will now also significantly promote PESQ (new ITU-T recommendation  P.862), the advanced end-to-end voice quality measure for VoIP and telephony networks.  

Latest News

Revision of PEAQ Rec. BS1387 is currently prepared by ITU-R WP6Q meeting 26.-28. Sep 2001. The revised version will include corrections and amendments to recommendation BS.1387 - an updated list is now available for download!

OPTICOM releases v3.0 of "OPERA - Your Digital Ear!",  now including PEAQ Advanced and Basic Model as hardware and software-only versions. OPTICOM also announced improved accuracy of PEAQ Basic and Advanced model at 44.1kHz, compared to 48kHz reference

PESQ joins PEAQ! ITU-T SG12 adopts PESQ, the 'perceptual evaluation of speech quality' measure as new rec. P.862. PESQ includes elements of PSQM(P.861) and PAMS [More]

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